Secrets of Chinese Dumplings


Every year tourists flood to the Orient, in order to enjoy the great mix of the exotic and magnificent cultures and food. A shining example is China with its ancient cultural heritage, which strongly reflects in the Orient kitchen.

Ventspils Technical School hosted cooking masterclasses lead by Ling Pan, teacher of Chinese language and culture in Ventspils University of Applied Sciences (VUAS), on December 12 and 13, 2017. During the events, participants were taught the art of preparing the traditional Chinese dumplings. On Tuesday, December 12, the masterclasses were organised for the students of VUAS and on Wednesday, December 13, – for pupils of Ventspils secondary schools. The events were filled with a positive vibe, while students and pupils practically learned the secrets of cooking and, during the savouring of the delicious results, listened to a presentation on the traditions connected to dumplings.

VUAS expresses gratitude towards lecturer Odarka Kukite for the support in the organisation of the event.