Scholarship of Andris Klauss for Students


Students of Ventspils University of Applied Sciences (VeUAS) will be able to apply for the scholarship of Andris Klauss, with Mārtiņš Lauva as the patron. When granting the scholarship to students, not only academic results are taken into account, but also extra-curricular activities.

The scholarship was developed a few years ago through the initiative of Mārtiņš Lauva, VeUAS graduate and successful businessman. On the eve of 2017, an agreement was concluded on the continuation of the scholarship, making it the fourth time that the active students will be able to receive the scholarship of EUR 1500.

The main goal of the scholarship is to promote student activity in various areas: academic, research and social. Once the patron himself was the Chairman of the Student Council of VeUAS and knows what it means to actively take part in the life of the university. The participation consumes huge amounts of time and energy. The scholarship is meant to serve as a motivation to engage in the life of the university, as well as an acknowledgement for the efforts. The name of the scholarship was chosen to commemorate the former VeUAS professor Andris Klauss, who had a significant impact also on the academic and professional life of the patron.

The scholarship agreement determines a possibility of a one-time scholarship for active participation in the university’s life, as well as the possible increase in the number of scholarship grantees, which can act as additional motivation for the youth to be more active, to participate in various events and actively participate in the life of the university, not forgetting about studies and academic success.

VeUAS students will be able to apply for the scholarship from February 12 until March 12, 2018.

Andris Klauss (1941–2004) was a Doctor of Science in Economics, associate professor, Chair of the School of Management of VeUAS Faculty of Economics and Management, as well as the Chairman of the VeUAS Senate. Mr. Klauss had a wide range of interests, and he wrote monographs, scientific articles and methodical publications on many economic issues. The scientific and practical work experience of Mr. Klauss as an associate professor, stretching over his 38 years, has enriched thousands of students, allowing them to occupy high and responsible positions. Colleagues describe Mr. Klauss as steadfast, very demanding of himself, brilliant and erudite, as well as a possessor of refined humour.

Regulations for Granting of the Scholarship of Professor Andris Klauss

Attestation of the Candidate for receiving the Scholarship of Professor Andris Klauss