Student Becomes Fluent in Latvian after only Three Years


Ventspils University of Applied Sciences is a place of knowledge for students not only from Latvia, but also from other countries in Europe and around the globe. Although, foreign students study in English, they also learn and explore Latvian language. After living in Latvia for only 3 years, it is possible to speak Latvian perfectly well and Monika Majoros is an excellent example.

Monika is a second year student in the Bachelor study programme “Languages and Intercultural Communication” of the Faculty of Translation Studies. She chose this programme, because nowadays communication between nations and cultures is essential, which is why specialists of this field are required as much in Latvia, as in Europe and the rest of the world.

Monika is very interested in learning languages – both Latvian and other languages. “The more languages you master, the more opportunities become available,” says Monika. She has expressed that after graduation she would like to live in Latvia, which gives her more motivation to become proficient in Latvian.

For Monika, life in Latvia is a new beginning and an endless adventure, as well as a huge challenge. Monika describes life in Latvia and Ventspils in the following way: “Ventspils is absolutely my favourite town here. Actually, before I moved to Latvia I didn’t know many things about this country and it was a nice, really nice, unexpected surprise for me. I think the real beauty of Latvia is in the nature of Latvia. The best places to enjoy it is in smaller towns like Ventspils. I really like living in Ventspils.”

Monika thinks that the Latvian language is a fascinating, ancient, unique and rare language just like the student’s mother tongue – Hungarian. Monika is very proud of the fact that she knows both of these rare and unique languages.