Before studies

I’m accepted and ready to come to Latvia – tell me more

As you first set your foot in Latvia your life will never me the same. Many things will be different for you when you first arrive in Latvia and even in Ventspils. We cannot possible spare you from a culture shock, but we can most certainly try to lessen its intensity. Please consult our practical information section. Within the first week after your arrival you will need to finalize immigration matters by getting the actual residence permit card (issued from 2 days to 10 working days)

After entering Latvia:

  • Chest X-ray certificate (obtained at Ventspils hospital. Costs around 10 EUR. Results are ready the next day after 16:00). IO or one of the students will take you there
  • Buy medical insurance (valid in all Schengen countries, covering one year period, the minimum amount of insurance is 42 600 EUR)
  • Make sure you have a valid travel document (passport) on you
  • Make sure you have the original VISA, Mastercard on you that is attached to your foreign bank account from which you had your bank statement from at the moment of submitting your documents
  • Go to the immigration office (Ventspils, Užavas street 8) to have your photo taken for the residence permit (RP) card. An appointment has to made prior to going there. An appointment can be made by calling either +37163624090 or +37163622041.
  • Pay 4.27 EUR for declaring your place of residence (done at the immigration office)
  • Pay 14.23 EUR for the RP card (is ready in 2 weeks) or 28.46 EUR for making your RP card in 2 working days
Please do not hesitate to contact us: or call +37163629651