Entering Latvia

I have submitted all the required documents – what happens next?

An application fee invoice for 150 EUR will be sent to you. The deadline for paying it is usually two weeks.

How to pay the application fee:

1.You can transfer the application fee (150 EUR*) via Western Union or MoneyGram. For details contact the International Office of Ventspils University of Applied Sciences (VeUAS)

2.You can transfer the fee to the university’s account. Account details will be mentioned in the invoice that will be sent to you after receiving your application documents.

After receiving the payment, we will proceed with the application process and let you know if we have all we need from you and then send your documents for evaluation. You can read here about the academic recognition of foreign qualifications. The recognition process takes about a month and a half.

Meanwhile while we are waiting and you do not have IELTS (6.0 and over) or TOEFL (PBT – 550, IBT – 70) test results, we will send you a link to our online English test (the passing line – 60%).

The long awaited decision about your education documents has been received. Next steps:

• A Skype interview and/or entry tests for the desired programme

• A new invoice that includes, i.e., first year tuition fee, security deposit 500 EUR, and dormitory payment for two months 104 EUR (52 EUR per month). Other items (like courier fee etc.) will be added depending on the country you are from

• Drafting of your study contract

• Applying for a temporary Residence permit

• Applying for D category visa to enter Latvia

Applying for a temporary Residence Permit and for D category visa:

After signing a study contract with Ventspils University of Applied Sciences (VeUAS), foreign students must obtain a residence permit before entering Latvia. To apply for a temporary Residence Permit in Latvia, you need to provide evidence of the requirements set below (requirements vary from country to country, but here you can find what is generally needed):

Before entering Latvia (for residence permit):
  • The invitation number (we will send it to you by either e-mail or by post)
  • Arrange an appointment with the Consular section of the respective embassy (contact the International Office if in doubt about where to go)
  • A filled out definite sample form for residence permit
  • A passport that is valid at least three months past the end of your intended stay
  • A color photo (3×4 cm)
  • A Police Certificate from your country of citizenship that’s less than six months old (the document should be legalized by the Foreign Ministry (or the Embassy) of student’s residence country)
  • A study contract on studies in Ventspils
  • Education documents confirming that you have acquired the necessary education to start the studies old (the document originals or their notarial approved copies should be legalized by the Foreign Ministry (or the Embassy) of student’s residence country)
  • A document confirming the payment of state duty fees (students applying for master degree or doctorate are exempted from the fee)
  • Evidence of funds to support yourself during your stay in Ventspils (a bank statement in student’s name that is less than three months old stating that the applicant has at least 5160 EUR* per year
  • Document guaranteeing accommodation at the dorms (sent to you by us)

Please note that your residence permit application is reviewed by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) in Latvia. The reviewing takes up to 45 working days. It is (with some exceptions) possible to pay for a fast document processing in 10 working days.

A copy of the PMLP decision will be sent to VeUAS and the original will be sent to the student. If the decision is positive VeUAS will inform the student and the student can approach the Latvian diplomatic or consular office to receive the visa for entry to Latvia (usually the same documents as for residence permit have to be submitted and they can be sent by post). Please contact embassy or VeUAS to get more information about procedure for each specific embassy.

* All bank fees related to the transfer must be covered by the buyer.


Before entering Latvia (for D category visa):
  • A passport that is valid at least three months past the end of your intended stay
  • A filled out definite sample form for visa (see forms for D (long-stay visa))
  • A color photo (3×4 cm)
  • Travel medical insurance (valid in all Schengen countries, covering the period of 30 days, the minimum amount of insurance is 35 000 EUR)
  • Confirmed airline ticket reservation
  • Nonrefundable embassy fee payment

If the decision of OCMA is negative VeUAS shall immediately inform the candidate and within two weeks after receiving of candidate’s account details transfer the remitted tuition fee deducting the bank transaction charges

Please do not hesitate to contact us: international@venta.lv or call +371 63629657