Picnic Summer 2015
Picnic Summer 2015 As the academic year is almost over, International and Erasmus students gather in the park to celebrate the beginning of summer with barbecued meat and other treats.

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Secret Santa December 2014
Secret Santa December 2014 A merry celebration of upcoming Christmas in a big family of Erasmus and international students.

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International week 2014
International week 2014 3 days of cultural exchange: dancing, singing, playing and, of course, eating together.

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ERASMUS coordinators come together in Ventspils
ERASMUS coordinators come together in Ventspils 23.05.2014. Annual Erasmus coordinator meeting. This year it took place in Ventspils and was hosted by VUC International Office girls. Coordinators were introduced with VUC, had discussions and we found time also for activities in Seaside Open-Air Museum

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The House of Crafts- April 5, 2014
The House of Crafts- April 5, 2014 Erasmus students were introduced with Latvian ancestor's traditions

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Gingerbread making
Gingerbread making Erasmus students were creating Christmas feeling by baking gingerbreads. Happy new 2014!

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"Staro Riga" Visit Riga- Light Festival "Staro Riga" and Pauls Stradins museum for history of medicine

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Ice skating
Ice skating For some it was first time on skates- new experience.

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MasterChef Oportunity to tase foods from different cultures

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The Castle of Livonian Order
The Castle of Livonian Order Students were introduced with the history of Ltavia and Ventspils in local museum

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Candle Workshop at The House of Crafts
Candle Workshop at The House of Crafts Make your own candle and bring the light in the house

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Ventspils University College
Ventspils University College Every day in Ventspils University College is full of interesting events and different adventures. Each of the students and lecturers has found their favorite place in the college, take a look and find yours!

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Laboratories for studies
Laboratories for studies Take a look at laboratories which are among the most progressive electronic and computer laboratories in the Baltics.
Photos by: Ieva Kantmane

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Dorms VUC dorms are placed in two buildings of University College and they offer a possibility to enjoy comfortable life conditions really close to the lecture rooms and library.
Photos by: Ieva Kantmane

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