Ventspils University College students were visiting Ventspils Technical College (PHOTO)


A good and friendly cooperation has been established between Ventspils Augstskola / Ventspils University College and Ventspils Tehnikums. Dean of the Translation Study faculty Guntars Dreijers is grateful to lecturer Odarka Kukite for a very well organized International Food Tasting event. Food tasting was followed by a tour around Ventspils Tehnikums. On behalf of the international students and the Translation Study Faculty we thank Ventspils Tehnikums for their warm welcome and a special thanks to their students for the prepared gastronomic surprises.


Meeting with the representatives of Accenture


Do not miss it! Accenture meeting with students of Ventspils University College and other people who may be interested will take place on April 27. Lasīt vairāk


Youth folk dance group of Ventspils University College “Strautuguns” will celebrate their 5 year anniversary


On April 30 at 18:00 at the Center of Performing Arts “Jūras vārti” the youth folk dance group “Strautuguns” will celebrate their 5 year anniversary with a concert “Visi priecīgi!” (“Everyone’s glad!”). Lasīt vairāk


Vibration tests of satellite “Venta-1” are finished – launch after a month and a half


As Ventspils University College was informed by Indulis Kalniņš, the “Venta-1” Project Manager from Bremen University of Applied Sciences, the vibration tests of the satellite “Venta-1” were successfully finished on April 15. Currently India has provided the information that the launch date of the launch vehicle PSLV-C34 which will bring into the orbit the satellite “Venta-1” is confirmed to be 10 June 2016. Lasīt vairāk


Ventspils University College students participating in the international weather balloon race (PHOTO)


Ventspils University College (VUC) new student team “IRBE-1: Legacy” is continuing last year’s successful project “IRBE-1” by participating is the international weather balloon race “Global Space Balloon Challenge”. The race will be hosting 386 teams from 52 countries. VUC teams’ weather balloons will be equipped with cameras and measuring equipment. The team plans to launch and successfully deliver into the stratosphere two weather balloons with payload capsules. The launch is planned to take place (depending on the weather conditions) at Ventspils airport. The allocated time for the competition is from April 11 till May 9, 2016. Lasīt vairāk


International Students in Ventspils University College – a great added value


Living in a society where students more often appreciate the opportunities that allow to pursue higher education outside one’s home country, and in the endeavors to internationalise the environment of studies, Ventspils University College (VUC) has also been admitting international students for several years now. Lasīt vairāk


Career Day 2016

career days poster_eng

April 20, 2016 Ventspils University College (VUC) will be hosting the annual “Career Day”. VUC  holds a Career Day so that the students can learn about different businesses and the internship and/or work opportunities provided by companies.  Lasīt vairāk


Erasmus adventure

Ruta Reknere

Every year many of our students go on the Erasmus+ student exchange programme to different European countries. Also Rūta Reknere was one of the brave ones who took on such an adventure. Rūta has spent the second semester of study year 2013/2014 in Spain, Bilbao.

Lasīt vairāk


“The thing I meet when going to any country is culture”- interview with Dr.paed. Vita Balama

Vita Balama

Interview with Dr.paed. Vita Balama, The director of Bachelor study programme “Languages and Intercultural Communication”

By Ruta Lazda

Lasīt vairāk


Happy to choose Latvia as the Erasmus+ destination


Two girls from France – Ambre and Laura – have come to Latvia as exchange students of the Erasmus+ programme. It is always interesting to hear why they came here. Ambre chose Ventspils because she wanted to study Russian and that was the only option for her. Also Laura was persuaded by the possibilities of language acquisition. She told us that she studies English, Italian and Russian. Therefore she has been in Italy for her internship to improve Italian. Laura has been in Australia to improve English. She chose Ventspils because she couldn’t afford to go to Russia, it was more advantageous to choose Latvia. Many people on streets speak in Russian. It’s a good opportunity for her to hear people talking in Russian.

Lasīt vairāk