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Ventspils University College with good reason is proud with one of the best student hostels in Latvia. It is located under the same roof as the VUC and in the case of storm, rain or snow students can make their way towards knowledge through a closed glass passage that links the hostel with the university college. The hostel is situated in two blocks of the VUC building – in six and eight floors accordingly. There are spacious, light and facilitated premises, two students live in every room. Free internet available in all building.

Like in any other good hostel there is a separate shower for every room therefore there are no worries that anyone would have to stand in a long queue or to shiver in cold corridors while waiting. There are several kitchens on every floor that students use for making food while in situations when laziness gains an advantage it is possible to go to a café “Panorāma” that is located on the 6th floor of the hostel offering a breath-taking view at the sea.

For attention of the new students

Price: one two-seated room costs EUR 53 per month.

In order to apply for a place in the hostel of Ventspils University College it has to be identified in your application form. First payment for the room has to be made at the end of August for September while the next payment has to be done till September 20 for October.

The hostel consists of blocks – there are two rooms, one shower and a toilet in every block. There is furniture in every room: a wardrobe, a bookshelf, chairs, a table and of course a bed. It is possible to connect to the wireless Internet as well as to use a cable. There is a kitchen for every five blocks and there is a café on the 6th floor.