Ventspils University College is known as one of the sportiest higher educational institutions in Latvia. Despite the comparatively small number of students there is a huge cabinet cram-full with cups in the students’ lounge where one can find trophies both from local and state level competitions.

Due to the support provided by Ventspils City Council students have an opportunity to do sports free of charge in training bases of Ventspils Olympic Centre. It is done according to a particular schedule in various types of sports – swimming, hockey, skating, indoor football, basketball, volleyball, and floor-ball.

Sport events

Every year during the autumn semester university college level volleyball championship takes place in Ventspils University College, as well as there has been developed a new man team that with good results represents Ventspils University College also in tournaments of broader scale. The autumn semester also does not do without swimming competition and tournaments of Latvian national trick-taking cooperative card game (called zole) and novuss.

The second semester of the study year is even more saturated with sport events in which every student can take part. During the spring semester for the period of several months the indoor football tournament is held, as well as tournaments of zole and novuss, “Basketball Hullabaloo”, relay of faculties, beach volleyball tournament and the Fun Sports Games take place. Every year just before spring exam session a boat row for leisure is organized.

Every student is welcomed to take part in competitions because the main thing is not to win but to participate and have a good time! But it does not mean that sport events of the VUC lack adrenalin and spirit of fight characteristic to sports games – we have it over and above!