Student council

Students Council is a structural unit that represents students – it takes care of students’ well-being, bloom of their social life and representation of students in various commissions, organizations and institutions, for example, in senate and faculty boards of the VUC, the Student Union of Latvia and Ventspils City Council. In addition to representation of students and protection of their rights within the university college and outside it, the Students Council organizes various cultural and educational events, arranges a questionnaire on study quality, as well as supports and tries to implement projects and ideas provided by students.

The structure of the VUC Students Council is the following: Chairperson of the Students Council, his/her deputy and four commissions: culture and sports commission, public relations commission, social affairs commission and study and science commission.

Every year there are elections held in which representatives of students’ interests are being officially elected, however it does not mean that other activists cannot take part in the Students Council. Every year, including this, there are several more people who help to organize a particular event or take up themselves a particular responsibilities within the Students Council. According to statutes the elections of the VUC Students Council has to take place till May 1 though usually they take place during the period of time from the end of February till the beginning of March.

Do you also want to do something in favour of students or their social life? Join us!

Chairperson of the VUC Students Council during the study year 2017/2018

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