The “ Venta-1” satellite will be launched on June 23, 2017 by India’s PSLV-C38.
Parameters of radio amateur frequency downlink of “Venta-1”  - 437.325 MHz with GMSK modulation, 9600 bps in AX.25 packet format.

The goal of the Venta-1 satellite is to provide a flying testbed as a counterpart of the satellite technology laboratory at the Ventspils University College. Satellite is built in cooperation with the City University of Applied Sciences in Bremen, Germany. Venta-1 is the first national satellite owned by Latvia with its mission’s main goal to support the space technology education in Latvia.

As a payload on Venta-1 is an advanced technology AIS (maritime Automatic Identification System) receiver in order to get AIS data from space and to study the AIS signal reception in LEO. The AIS receiver is provided by the Luxspace company of OHB SE.

As a secondary payload there is a small onboard camera for low resolution earth monitoring.

For the telemetry and tele commanding needs the satellite have a HAM ground station in Ventspils University College.

The AIS data will be downloaded via a dedicated S-band frequency link. The satellite is attitude controlled via magnetic torquers around three axes and stabilized by a slow rotation around the sun generator axis pointing to the Sun.

Venta-1 first design with proposed additional payload from Swedish company AAC Microtec was presented in 2011. The satellite’s body was a 275x275x100mm cube with a 500x310mm solar panel on top. The mass was 7,5 kg.

After the decision was made to launch Venta-1 on the Indian launch vehicle PSLV and stack Venta-1 for launch together with Italian Max Valier satellite, the Venta-1 body was redesigned during 2015. The new design keeps spacecraft avionics and AIS payload as presented in 2011, increases SA with 48 cells and refused Microtec payload. The final Venta-1 design dimensions are 700x400x130 mm, mass ~5 kg.

Both satellites will separate only in orbit after being deployed together by the PSLV launch vehicle. The launch of the satellite Venta-1 is planned on second quarter of 2017 with Indian launch vehicle PSLV – C38.

Venta-1 Functional Description:

    • The satellite Onboard data Handling System (OBDH) has two redundant main board computers collecting data from all other subsystems, storing and sending data to Telemetry and Telecommanding system (TMTC) and performing all main tasks like antenna deployment.
    • The Attitude Control System (ACS) aligns the satellite towards sun, and keeps it spinning around the sun-pointing axis.
    • The Thermal Subsystem (TS) is completely passive, just measuring temperatures.
    • The Electrical Power System (EPS) charges and discharges the batteries and distributes the power to other subsystems.
    • The AIS payload consists of the AIS receivers which receives, demodulates and decodes the ship signals.
    • For the AIS data downloading there is an S-band transmitter on board.








Venta-1 design 2011.








Venta-1 design 2016. (vibration tests)







Venta – 1 with deployed VHF antennas


Venta – 1 with deployed VHF antennas (bottom view)







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